Wednesday, 1 October 2008

GenBucks Affiliate Program From Cash Searcher

CashSearcher brings you: GenBucks.

GenBucks has many easy to sell products, whether you are experienced at marketing or not. This is a great to place to work with. GenBucks has Many highly sought after products to promote on the internet like Herbals, Supplements, Electronics, Men's Health Products and Bed & Bath. Free hosting and loads of free website templates. They also have a forum which has a lot of very useful information for beginners and experienced sellers.

GenBucks really knows how to look after their affiliates. They have a reward system, the more you sell, the more money you make and the more reward points you clock up and let me tell you, the prizes range from pens and mouse pads, laptops and colsoles to a SOLID Gold Rolex and a Bentley continental GT super car!
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Anonymous said...

Have genbucks gone bust?.............The site has been down for ages/////........They done a runner

Anonymous said...