Thursday, 11 September 2008

Making Money On The Internet

Making Money On The Internet

Ask anyone that wants you to spend money on their, or someone Else's product bought through them so they get a commission and they will always say it's easy money - quickest money they ever made etc etc. To cut a long story short - There lying! Plain and simple. It takes either a fair amount of money or hard work, and in most cases a mix of both.

Whatever way you choose to try and make decent money from the Internet, it's going to take a fair few hours of your day, and that's almost everyday. Your best off looking at it as a full time job, only difference is your the boss, you choose your own hours. With this new Independence comes novelty and a certain amount of freedom, such as no one telling you what to do etc. But what also comes with it is uncertainty..Some weeks you might not make any money at all, where as, with a full time regular job at least you know what and when your getting paid week after week. Never quit your day job to go full time making money on the Internet until you have a good amount savings, and you are already making good money from you Internet dealings.

And never forget, there never comes a time where you can just sit back and not do any work, and watch the money rolling in. Unless you really make the big time!, or you come up with a superb product or idea and make the most of it while it's hot.

At the moment i know of a click bank author who is a millionaire, I and many other people promote his product. But yet day in and day out he is sending me offers of other products that might be of interest - basically he is spamming the life out of my inbox. He also writes all the emails out by hand, which must take up a fair amount of time as there pretty long emails! And this guy is a millionaire. He is also constantly working on making his click bank product better and even more productive.

People trying to make money off the Internet are doing these things daily - Writing Articles - Spending money on AdWords or similar advertising - link building - email spamming - updating websites - commenting on blogs, twitter, social networks, forums, building lists, offline advertising, promotion of every kind. It's an every day thing and it takes a lot of work if you want it to be successful. Specially with the amount of people all trying to do the same thing. There is so much competition out there for so many products and services.

There are tactics that a lot of the Internet guru's use, and even newbies use them these days. They gain your trust and then they try to make money off you by telling you about products within emails and other communications, talking about how good it is, and that they have bought it and used it themselves and swear it's the best thing ever! - Or the best thing until the next time they want your commission for a product they are promoting! Most of them haven't bought it, they just want to make money off you. It's kinda sad really. Sad because you start off signing up to their newsletter or free offer because what they were talking about seemed cool. But as time goes by the emails or information you receive from them gets more desperate and more spammy. In the end you won;t even open the emails when you seem them in your inbox, I don't! When you subscribe to any list think about it first because most of them just want your email address so they can send you disguised SPAM. You have been warned!

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