Thursday, 26 March 2009

High Paying Google Adsense Keywords

High Paying Google Adsense Keywords

If you are using Google Adsense on your website but have chosen a website topic which only pays 1-10 cents per click things can be pretty slow going. It's like me with my UFO website, it's a great site which gets many visitors and a fair amount of Adsense clicks. But Adsense clicks for UFO related subjects are very low, as low as 1 cent, which isn't even 1 pence per click in GBP.

So then, if there are keywords and website subjects that are as low as 1 cent per click, surely there must be some on the other end of the spectrum...Of course there are. Here are some high paying Google Adsense Keywords for you to consider.

The first high paying Adsense Keyword is the word "Adsense" itself. Although Cost Per Click (CPC) can differ, the average CPC for the word Adsense is $17 Dollars per click! The highest ever Cost Per Click ever recorded for the word Adsense was $190 Dollars! It's actually hard to believe, but it is true.

The second set of high paying Google Adsense Keywords is anything to do with the huge company called AT&T. From "at and t phones", "at and t mobiles", "at t com", "at and t", "att call conference", "att prepaid wireless", "att prepaid". The list is long, some of these keywords on average can be as high as $29 Dollars per click, averaging around $16 Dollars per click. The highest ever recorded CPC for anything AT&T was $54 Dollars per click! This would be perfect if you had a website that promoted AT&T products and services.

The last high paying keyword for today is quite a rare one, but can earn you a huge amount per click. The keyword is "Benchmark lending". If you have a website or blog related to this type of subject you can get as much as $40 Dollars per click. The highest ever recorded CPC for the keyword "Benchmark lending" was a massive $262 Dollars per click! A keyword well worth considering if you have the right website.

More high paying Google Adsense keywords include the term: "Auto insurance quotes", with a click value of $20 Dollars on average, with the highest CPC being $32 Dollars. This is a great term to target if you have an auto related site. The same goes for the keyword, "auto insurances", this keyword pays out $15 Dollars per click, with the a high CPC of $35 Dollars. Good money can be made with just 5 - 10 clicks a day!

High Paying Google Adsense Keywords Quicklist

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Adverse Credit Remortgage - Max CPC $95 - Average CPC $28.35

Adverse Remortgage - Max CPC $93 - Average CPC $26

Accident Car Florida Lawyer - Max CPC $60 - Average CPC $27

Anti Spam Appliance - Max CPC $40 - Average CPC $25

American Singles - Max CPC $140 - Average CPC $20

Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Los - Max CPC $60 - Average CPC $17

ATT Go Phone - Max CPC $100 - Average CPC $15

American Home Equity - Max CPC $20 - Average CPC $8

Australia Web Hosting - Max CPC $50 - Average CPC $9

Affiliate Program - Max CPC $50 - Average CPC $7

Asbestos Surveys - Max CPC $18 - Average CPC $8

Asbestos Poisoning - Max CPC $30 - Average CPC $9

Airline Miles Credit Card - Max CPC $14 - Average CPC $8

Arizona Hair Laser Removal - Max CPC $25 - Average CPC $8

Arizona DUI Lawyer - Max CPC $25 - Average CPC $7

Benchmark Lending - Max CPC $262 - Average CPC $40

Buy Gift Card - Max CPC $70 - Average CPC $21

Best Home Equity Loan - Max CPC $52 - Average CPC $11

Best Hosting Service Web - Max CPC $36 - Average CPC $11

Buyer Mortgage Note - Max CPC $38 - Average CPC $19

Cheap Life Insurance - Max CPC $39 - Average CPC $15

Canada Personals Yahoo - Max CPC $128 - Average CPC $20

Compare Life Assurance - Max CPC $27 - Average CPC $21


trevor said...

Thanks for the keywords.

Meow said...

Hi, great insight to some good much need information. Do you have any idea what the top 10 highest cost for one click keywords are?

Peter said...

Hi there, thanks for your question. Although the CPC cost per click does change and differ a lot of the time, some of the highest CPC that i could find were all from Yahoo. "Yahoo Web Hosting" -highest CPC $330 Dollars!

"Yahoo Personal Ads" $218 Dollars.

"Yahoo Personals" $216 Dollars.

Heres some huge ones.

"Domain Yahoo" Max CPC - $438 Dollars!!!

"Domain Registration Yahoo" Max CPC - $493!

And the highest one found for today!

"Domains Yahoo" Max CPC - $520 Dollars!!!!!!!! Average CPC $97 Dollars!

I think you will agree, that is some serious cost per click.

Shop till you drop said...

Just wanted to give a quick tip. some of the travel industry websites get a fair amount for each click.

Anonymous said...

All i can say is WOW. Time to put some time into adsense!

Anonymous said...

some good keywords

p said...

More keywords please.

tesderm said...

google adsense is the best pay per click service to join?

Anonymous said...

yes by far adsense is the best

will loy said...

adsense keywords...dont they change monthly in how much they give you??

Anonymous said...

Amounts paid out can varie but do have an average. goodluck with Adsense.

durable said...

are adsense and adwords having trouble through the credit crunch?

some odf my ads are public service there running low on advertisers??

Yippee said...

Yahoo - Im coming for you.

charlie b said...

"Domain Yahoo" Max CPC - $438 Dollars!!!

"Domain Registration Yahoo" Max CPC - $493!

How can they give away that much money per click? Seems impossible

Anonymous said...

great information. i await more adsense keywords

Anonymous said...

adsense rocks if you have a high number of visitors

cooler said...

You have to be getting some high quality, targeted traffic to get over 50 dollars per click with adsense. Not impossible

Anonymous said...

High pagerank will help?

maskaev said...

adsense needs traffic to be profitable

if you have many visitors adsense is good

beylior said...

i want to become rich millionaire from adsense.. help me plz

george said...

high quality branded clothing advertisers pay big bucks for quality adsense clicks

If you have a clothes site get some adsense on it

Anonymous said...

more adsense high earners plz....

Anonymous said...

had 1 payout so far with adsense

sas said...

dental services high CPC

Anonymous said...

dental implants give high money adsense clicks