Thursday, 9 October 2008


LinkShare is without doubt one of the biggest players on the internet for affiliate marketing. They work with some very well known companys. Through LinkShare you can promote Brands such as - iTunes, AT&T, American Express, Champion, AVON, Disney, Footlocker, Toshiba, McAfee, Lego and many many more.

Need i say anymore. They actually have over 600 clients that you can promote for. Best of all it's free to join!. Their support and training is high quality, as you would expect being involved with high profile company's. Promoting world known brands is easy on your website or blog.

Most of the companys that work with the LinkShare Affiliate Scheme are so well known that it makes your site look more of an authority, you are actually promoting their products, which is very good for the image of your website. Not forgeting the quality, their advertising material is very high quality. Some affiliate marketing companys provide low quality material, which is not nice to have on your nice looking website, this is the total opposite with LinkShare.
LinkShare, given the brands they work with, they are very easy to join, i was expecting to be turned down! But they welcomed me in, so there not that strict.

UK Residents Click here to join LinkShare

USA Residents Click here to join LinkShare

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