Monday, 24 November 2008

Adsense - Money For Nothing?

Adsense - Is Adsense Money For Nothing?

Adsense is a touchy subject in some online social circles. I think this is due to some people doing really well with Adsense and others not making any money at all, or maybe just getting the odd click. This can be down to many things, what type of content you have on your site or blog, how your adsense ads are placed on your site, do they blend in well, do the Adsense ads look like they want to be clicked, eye catching colours, are the ads related to your website content etc etc.

If you get Adsense right, you can make a serious amount of money, there are many success storys of millionaires from Adsense, and many storys of failure. I think the failure is down to the individual..If you follow the Adsense rules and are determined to make it a success, you will make money no doubt. Picking your subject content is very important and displaying the Adsense Ads in the right places can make all the difference.

This comes back to the title of this post, is Adsense money for nothing? Well, for the publisher, yes it is! For the advertiser it's just another way of advertising, which, for a lot of companys actually works out cheaper then going down other Advertising routes.

For the person with a blog or website that want's to make more money from it, Adsense is perfect. Adsense IS the highest paying Pay Per Click service on the internet, that's a fact. If you have a website or blog that grabs a lot of visitors you will make money from Adsense almost straight away. If you have a website or blog with not many visitors, you need to build your amount of visitors up, then the Adsense clicks will come rolling in! Basically one of the best ways to bring in visitors is write original and interesting content.

Adsense is a winner for everyone. And if your not already registered with Adsense, go and do it now, and make money from your site or blog for free.

I wish you many many clicks.

Here are some high paying Adsense keywords for you to consider.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff

Andy C. said...

Adsense is good, but be careful to follow the rules or Google with kick you straight off straight away. I earn around 100$ a month with adsense, not bad for the amount of effort i put in.

Anonymous said...

Yes adsense are strict.

Anonymous said...

Some good keywords. cheers

Anonymous said...

Adsense is money for nothing really your right.

khj said...

Any website hosting keywords are good money for per click.

Anonymous said...

goooooooogle are the internet kings

Anonymous said...

Law, mortages, holidays, cars, website stuff, all high CPC

georgie said...

had my first adsense payment few days ago, by cheque.

very happy,

i might frame it ...until im skint lol