Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Make Money Online - Cash Searcher

Make Money Online - Cash Searcher

First i would like to say, my own experience with trying to make money online didn't go smoothly to begin with.

And even today, i have good days and i have bad days. In order to make money online you have to have some patience, things don't happen overnight, in most cases they don't anyway.

I started out wanting to make money online, first i sold stuff on ebay, it seemed like the right thing for me as i was always buying and selling things i bought from friends etc. After a while i thought, this is a good way to make money so i started buying products from catalogue companys, in particular i started to specialise in footwear, mainly sports footwear-trainers, and i had a good link for them too. I was getting Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, K-Swiss and many other brands for a seriously cheap price, and i mean cheap. Bear in mind i was dealing with a very well known catalogue company so they were not fake. I done really well on ebay. I was thinking to myself, this could make me a lot of money and im working for myself.

But then ebay changed, if you sell on ebay now you will know what i mean. It WAS a great way to make money online. But now your not even allowed to leave feedback for a buyer anymore! I was a superb seller, not being big headed but i was. Full 100% Positive feedback. I always sent emails after the auction, when payment was received and when i had despatched the item. My items were all inspected for defects before auctions went live and products were all brand new and original etc.

Anyway to cut a long story short ebays rules changed, i lost interest and sold off all my stock. So now i needed another way to make money online. First place i joined was MoreNiche. For ages i didn't make a sale, i was furious, thinking F$&k This, it doesn't work.

So i joined about 50 other affiliate programs and left MoreNiche for a while, and none were working! I was not making any money online! I was reading on forums and everywhere else about people saying "got my first check today" and " made my first 500 in a day today" - this got me even more mad! I thought, well how are they doing it? I figured there was more to it, and the madder i got, the more determined i was. I wanted to know how to make money online with affiliate programs. And i would not stop until i found out.

Well , i found out. You can't just make a website and leave it alone and expect people to come flocking..You have to never stop promoting your website and the products or services your promoting. Standing still is actually going backwards in affiliate marketing.

My biggest mistake was I started waaaay too many projects at once and never totally concentrated on one. I was spreading myself too thin. Once i stopped doing this i started to make money online once again. And guess what? I ended up back at the first affiliate program i ever joined! MoreNiche. And im so glad i did.

My advice for this post is, you can make money online, serious money, but remember, don't do what i did, which was start too many websites at once, i started many websites with subjects i knew nothing at all about, not a good move, specially for a newbie. This is a great way to get fed up with the whole affiliate marketing stuff and fail. You got this advice for free, make sure you remember it. If you want to pay for it in order to make you remember better im open to donations. ;-)

Make yourself bags of money online, you deserve it.

Cash Searcher.

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