Thursday, 11 December 2008

Writing Unique Content

Writing Unique Content

Writing unique content for your website or blog can be a hard thing to do if you have chosen a website or blog subject that your not familiar with or have no interest in.

I know all about this, having had many websites related to subjects im not interested in, or know nothing about. This is not a good thing to do, with me, i used to get an article from a free article directory and try to rewrite it, only problem with this for me was, i would start off ok, after writing the first quarter in my own words, i would get totally bored and end up thinking, " Can't be bothered to rewrite it, it seems so well written and to the point already", so i would end up leaving most of it and just putting it on my site. Needless to say, the whole article was moslty the same as the original article-Duplicate Content!-

Doing this did not help me in terms of search engine position. The reason i done it was because i did not have any genuine interest in my website content.

Once i started to wake up and make websites with content i was very interested in ans know alot about, things changed.

As soon as i started to write genuine unique content i seen my articles shoot to the top of the search engines for all the keywords i was targeting, hats off to google, they reward you for writing unique content. I don't know what software they have for detecting duplicate content, but it works well. So don't do it. You will get way more traffic to your site from writing unique content, so choose a subject you like to write about and your onto a winner.

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Unique content is the best way to stay good friends with the search engines.