Monday, 23 February 2009

What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Program?

What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Program?

I bet you have heard it all before, " This is the best Affiliate program, you can earn thousands in a week" etc etc. If you haven't heard it all before, well, if your just getting into affiliate marketing, you will!. And you will probably be one of the MILLIONS of people that actually pay money for a product, guide or scheme that claims to make you loads of money, but when you received the product you were either, let down, or thought to yourself " that could work - but what a lot of work", or that could work, but it's not for me, for what ever reason. Or you probably thought " What a load of sh*t!

There are SO many programs out there, all wanting you to part with your money. Just remember, would they be selling their secret if it was making them huge amounts of money? Most would just keep it to themselves and make serious money. And once they give the secret up it's because so many people are already doing it, so they try to make a little more money by trying to sell it to the newbies, or people looking for a get rich quick scheme.

So then, back to the title of the post. What is the best affiliate marketing program? There are so many factors to consider, but the most important factor - Is YOU! Do you want to make money online bad enough to make it work for yourself...Are you prepared to put the hard work in? Are you prepared to read and learn, make mistakes and learn from them, fail a few times, and still have the hunger to make it work..Because in most cases that is what it takes. And you don't have to pay to learn how to make money online, it's all on the Internet for free if you just look, places like forums, social networks and many many websites that offer free advice, a great one being

Obviously this does not answer the question of "What is the best Affiliate Marketing Program". OK, first off all, the best Affiliate marketing program is definitely one that is free to join. Also one that has a real registered business with an office, not just a one man band. You also want one that gives you the tools to succeed, like free websites, articles, banners, support, and high quality tracking so your sales are tracked properly. Try to pick an affiliate network that has it's own forum so you can chat with people that are doing the same as you. This way you can make friends, get tips on how to get more sales, and get help quickly. Pick an affiliate program that is updated regularly , so you have fresh content to work with every week.

Reputation goes a long way, it's always a good idea to do a little search on the Internet to see what people are saying about the affiliate marketing program your going to join. Have affiliates been payed on time? Are there affiliates moaning that there sales are not being tracked properly. If so, your probably better off moving on and finding another affiliate program, you will only have problems with these types of networks, and when your putting a hell of a lot of work in, the last thing you need is your sales not getting tracked properly.

These are my top two Affiliate Marketing programs WorldNiche and MoreNiche. These two programs are proven performers, both are real company's, with real staff that are experts in affiliate marketing. They offer all the things written above, like free support, free websites, forums, fresh content, high quality tracking, both are free to join, and both have a great reputation, with great products to promote.

But always remember, even with the best affiliate marketing programs you can still make NO MONEY AT ALL! It's all about you remember, being part of the best affiliate company is only one part of the puzzle, the main thing is, how bad do you want it to work? How much time are you going to put in? Are you prepared to learn, start from the bottom if necessary, and work your way to becoming an expert affiliate marketer, that can leave their dead end 9-5 job and have your own money making business that YOU own. I have given you my top two affiliate marketing programs, the rest is up to you. Do you want it bad enough.. If you do, and are prepared to put the work in, you will make serious money.



Anonymous said...

Good advice. Very informative. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey thats very true. Specially the bit about all those make money programs just wanting your money. I bought one once myself about gambling and being able to beat the online casino, but it never worked. I ended up gambling quite an amount of money.

Jeremy Bisek said...

It is tough to make good money from online affiliation, i know because i have done it, and still do it today. It's not as easy as most people think. You have to put in the work each day, which in most cases is the equivalent amount of time each day like having a full time job. Just you answer to no one!

Anonymous said...

depends what your targeting for what affiliate program suits you best

Anonymous said...

some good words thanks you.