Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Building Traffic With Yahoo Answers

Building Traffic With Yahoo Answers

For those of you that don't know about Yahoo Answers it's basically a place where people ask questions in the hope for the right answer from a fellow user, possibly you. If you have a question you want answered post it on Yahoo Answers and you will get responses from other Yahoo Answers members, all of them giving you there own answer to your question, it's up to you which one you feel is correct.

So how can you build traffic with Yahoo Answers?

Very easily. When you answer a question on Yahoo answers you get the chance to post a link at the bottom of your answer, this link has to be relevant to the subject your answering the question on, if it's not your account will be suspended. Be warned Yahoo are very strict with this. So if you have a make money online website as your chosen link, but your answering a question about Basketball your Yahoo Answers account will be suspended.

Respect this rule and you can get many visitors from Yahoo Answers. This service also has a points system, so if your answers to questions are correct and very informative, also very well written, your points will rise and people will click your links much more. You will start to establish yourself as a "Top Contributor", and Yahoo Answers members will start to gain trust in you and want to check out your posted link, specially because it's relevant to the subject in question.

Yahoo Answers is not only good for generating some traffic to your website or blog from other Yahoo answers members and search engines, but also for backlinks to your site. Even if you answer just 1 question a week which is well written and correct, you are giving yourself more opportunity's for visitors, which in turn will lead to more subscribers, more sales, more clicks, whatever your site is targeting. Goodluck!



Anonymous said...

Great Advices

Cash cow said...

yahoo answers....do they let anyone answer the questions or do i have to sign up...Pay? Free?

clever trevor said...

You have to sign up, this is free.

andrew coyne said...

yahoo answers can be pretty effective in terms of exposure - traffic increase.

greg walsh said...

It's surprising that Yahoo answers could do this. but then again, when i ask a question in the google search bar, Yahoo answers are always in the first few top results. So you are absolutely right. If you are answering questions and being able to add your link, your always in the first results on the first page. Magic! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

yahoo answers is great. i always get answers to my questions.

sado said...

yeeeeehoooohhhhaaaaa 4 yahoo