Monday, 9 March 2009

Money By Writing Articles

Money By Writing Articles

There are many ways to make money by writing articles, from writing them for someone else and getting paid for it, or, the way i want to talk about, writing them to make your own sales as an affiliate.

If you have a website or blog that you use to make affiliate sales for the products you promote, then hopefully you already know the power of making affiliate sales by writing articles. This method has been tossed to the side in many ways because of all the new money making techniques that are now out there, but article writing is still one of the most effective ways to make affiliate sales. And not just affiliate sales, article writing can even be used to attract more visitors to your site, make you more leads, get more registered users, AdSense clicks, the list is long, and all the reasons of writing articles result in one thing, you making more money, making the hard work well worth it.

So, as an example. I will use my weight loss website This website promotes weight loss products and also has AdSense on it. I write articles for this website related to weight loss, but for different category's of weight loss, depending on what page i want to link my article to. So, if i want to link an article to my "exercise sites reviewed page", i will write an article related to workout guides and exercise sites, this way you are giving the reader exactly what they are looking for and their much more likely to click any links you have out in the article. The article reader was looking for this subject or they wouldn't of found and clicked on my article in the search engines. The best thing is the article links to the same subject the reader was looking for, but on a nicer website with much more information then one article. My chances of getting sales from this method are pretty high.

Articles can take some time to write, and many people prefer easier ways to get sales, but articles can bring you continuous sales because once written, there always "out there" somewhere on the Internet with links back to your web pages, potentially making you sales months after you wrote them. Articles also shoot to the top of the search engines if written correctly, targeting your desired keywords. Many article submission sites are ranked pretty high - Page rank 6 etc, so you also get free 1 way links to your website from a page rank 6 website, which is another bonus.

Making money by writing articles is well worth the time and effort.


Anonymous said...

Articles certainly help in regards to traffic.

USSR said...

articles are long, take way too long to write! maybe im just lazy and want easier and quicker ways to acheive the same results writing articles bring.

E-me said...

article writing is very very effective and beats most of the "new" techniques hands down.


sally ann said...

Can you buy unique articles from people?

quazi said...

Yes you can. stop being lazy and write your own!! lol.

What article directory do people recommend as the best one to submit to?

Paige said...

The best place to submit your articles to is

They can be choosy so make sure you write good, unique articles.

Goarticles and article marketer are effective also.

Niko said...

if you have the nak for writing unique articles webmasters will buy them from you

The more longer, well worded, the more money per article