Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Building Traffic With Google Images

Building Traffic With Google Images

So how do you get more traffic from your website images?

Recently i have experienced a decent rise in traffic on my little UFO website. When i done some research, trying to find out where the traffic was coming from, I found that the traffic was coming from a picture i have on one of my website pages. I named this picture with a certain name, so the picture and the name are totally suited.

Example: The picture is of a football, and the name of the picture is football, simple!

Im not going to tell you the name of my picture because i want it to stay in first place for that popular Google Image search term! With as less competition as possible.

Google Images gets millions of visitors each day.To grab some of this traffic and get more visitors to your website, all you have to do is get your images named, make the name totally relevant to the image, and Google Images will pick up the images and show them on their website. When someone searches for a picture using your image name for their search term, your image will be there somewhere within those search results. I'm not saying your image will be on the first page, although it could be!

It might be on the 200th page. It's your job to find images that have high monthly searches and a low amount of images, or irrelevant images for the search term being used. Google Images will always add the pictures that it feels are the most relevant for the search term being used to the first few pages, mainly the very first page.

The picture that i have on Google Images is on the first page, also first in line, for that particular search term. This image brings me 500+ extra visitors daily, which isn't bad for basically zero effort other then naming a picture.

So always name your images, they will help increase your website traffic.


Anonymous said...

anything for more traffis is good by me

Anonymous said...

google images is a good tool then

swwz said...

what software tool is there to check how many searches some images are getting on google images?

Anonymous said...

google are the kings of internet searching