How To Make Money Online When You Have No Skills

 Making money online can be difficult for people who don’t have any experience in doing so. However, you can make some decent money if you follow a few simple steps. All you need to do is find a way to make money online and then apply that knowledge to your daily life.


Employers want people with skills to work for them; this makes it easy for anyone without any skills to find work. There are plenty of jobs available for people without any experience, and many of these jobs are incredibly easy and quick to complete. Many employers hire independent contractors who don’t need much training or support to start earning money immediately. Plus, most of these jobs pay well above the minimum wage. It can be difficult to make anything but the best of these jobs look bad.

Surveys - SwagBucks


Fiverr [No skills needed]



Many people without any skills choose to work a few hours per day in order to make enough money to live off of by night. This way they don’t need much income during the day and can easily meet their needs with a few hours of work per day. It’s also important that this work takes place during evenings or weekends so the person has time off during the day from other jobs. This way, no matter how little skill they have, they can still meet their basic needs and put some money away each month.

Anyone can earn a living if they're willing to put in the necessary effort and aren't afraid of applying their minimal knowledge towards that goal. The key is finding a way to make money online without any skills first; then follow that up with regular tasks designed towards building your skill set over time. This approach works well for most people as long as they're willing to put the necessary work into making it happen!

Making Money Online Isn't All About Websites

Many online marketers think that making money online is all about creating websites and selling products. However, in reality, earning money online requires a combination of creativity, cleverness and hard work. In addition, successful online marketers understand how to make money by generating interest in their products and services using free offers.

Making Money Online Isn't All About Websites

Before creating an offer for your product or service, it’s essential that you understand the psychology of consumers. To do so, you must understand how they think and act. For example, many consumers are time-starved and seek out quick solutions to their problems.

Therefore, offering something that takes little time to complete appeals to this segment of the market. In addition, many consumers are cost-conscious and seek out low-cost alternatives to their problems. Therefore, offering a cheaper alternative to your products appeals to this segment of the market. Lastly, some consumers are indecisive and seek out advice on whether to purchase your product or not. Therefore, providing a freebie that encourages them to buy does well with this group of consumers.

Next, you must understand how to create an effective list of your offers. To do so, you must decide what type of customers you want on your list—free trial users or paid buyers—then create separate campaigns for each group. Next, choose marketing strategies suitable for each group—email marketing for free trial users and social media for paid buyers—and create campaigns based on these strategies.

To maximize profits from your offers, effective offers must be easy for customers to understand and purchase at a fair price. To do so, offer users clear instructions on how to use your freebie or what their discounted purchase will get them—for example a specific product or service—and state the price clearly so they know what they’re getting value from . Finally, be sure all components of your offer function as expected when it goes live so no one feels cheated.

It’s essential that successful online marketers understand how make money by generating interest in their products and services using free offers as this tactic works extremely well with certain segments of the market. As such, it’s recommended that anyone interested in earning money online learn how to effectively make money through free offers as soon as possible as this tactic can make anyone a fortune in short order.

Read: Become a Fiverr affiliate.

How To Make Money Online By Doing Free Surveys

Surveys are one of the most popular ways to make money online. People can make money by completing paid surveys and by selling their insights to companies. It’s easy to earn money with surveys if you know what to do.

How To Make Money Online By Doing Free Surveys

To make money with surveys, you first need to join a survey site. There are lots of sites that will let you do this, including Prolific, SurveyMonkey and SwagBucks. Once you join a survey site, you can start accepting paid surveys. It may take some time before you earn any money with surveys, though. Most companies will only pay you when they send you a survey. Plus, some sites will only pay for certain types of surveys; for example, they may only pay out if your survey is about shopping or social media.

To increase your chances of earning from surveys, it’s important to follow strict guidelines when taking them. First, make sure that the company offering the survey wants to pay you for your insights. Some companies will offer free trials or free access to their services in exchange for completing a survey. Other companies won’t offer payment until they send you multiple surveys or have run out of free trials or free access options for their services. After choosing a company and survey topic that interest you, follow these tips when taking the survey.

1) Read the entire privacy policy carefully before taking the survey. Companies often have strict rules about how they use your information once they collect it from their surveys. Some sites will even delete your information once they receive payment from the company offering the survey. By knowing how a company plans to use your information before taking the survey, you can avoid any problems and protect your privacy

2) Avoid filling out any personal information on the form unless instructed to do so by the company offering the survey

3) Avoid sharing personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers with other users on a site unless instructed to do so by that site

Surveys aren’t difficult to get started with— all it takes is some time and willingness to follow guidelines. Once you learn how easy it is to earn extra cash online this way, it may become one of your preferred methods of making money in no time! Please note: Most survey sites will not accept users that use a VPN [virtual private network]. If you do this, and they find out, you may be banned. 

I Paid Fiverr To Day Trade For Me [WOW]

I Paid Fiverr To Day Trade For Me [WOW]. I certainly would not advise anyone to do this. If you set a limit, and have spare money that you can afford to lose, by all means give it a go. Test it out. However, if you're someone who doesn't have much money to play with and your looking for ways to make money, paying someone else to day trade for you is not recommended. Of course, you might get lucky and make some profit. Afterall, there are some guys and girls out there that do know a hell of a lot about day trading and do offer that as a service on Fiverr.

Check out the current Day Traders

But, there's also a lot who really have no clue what they are doing. So be careful. Want to take a peek at what you can expect to experience if you hire someone to help you day-trade on Fiverr? Watch the video. 

As you seen yourself if you watched the video, Financial Wolf ended up $900+ down after trading for seven days. Seems like a good way to lose some money. All is not lost though when it comes to YouTube channels who post these types of videos
They either make money by referring people to Fiverr (see here for info), make bank from the ad revenue of the video, or they plug their own sources, websites, courses, Amazon affiliate links, Crypto Currency (sign-ups), Shopify [get people to join] etc. Many do all these things together.

Tips: How To Use Fiverr As A Buyer

How To Use Fiverr As A Buyer Tips. Fiverr can be a great place to purchase services from. You can buy just about anything from the website. In terms of using it to make money online, in the form of buying cheap fiverr gigs, like writing, link building, SEO, video creation, Wordpress sites, Shopify, voice overs, name / logo on a busty women's chest, websites etc, and converting that into an income for yourself (example: monetized YouTube video etc), Fiverr does have great potential.



However, you do have to be careful. Yes, there are some great gigs on there, with excellent trustworthy sellers that provide a good service. But, there are also many really bad sellers that "game" the site (buy fake reviews etc) in order to create the illusion that they are very good sellers, when really all they want is quick cash. 

Video: How to Use Fiverr to Hire an Outsourcer. Please Note: The video is extremely basic, and doesn't really give any useful tips. It's basically for an absolute beginner who has never even visited the site before. I just needed a video for this post! [Damn, looks like I'll have to write a few tips myself].

Go To Fiverr [Short link to Fiverr]


On the other hand, some new sellers, who may really want to provide a good service also game the system (don't do it) buying fake reviews in order to get a little reputation boost, making it easier for people to trust them and get those first few vital sales / orders. So you can see the potential for confusion when knowing who to trust. Fiverr is a goldmine for sellers who offer services to people new trying to making money online. Websites, SEO, link building, content creation, etc.

One of the most common, that I remember well, is all the gigs offering / promising to get any website to: "1st Page Of Google" for $5 dollars LOL. This is not just something from years ago, sellers actually still offer this today, and the novices still lap it up. Needless to say, it doesn't work, so don't waste your time or money. It's more likely to get your website penalised by Google.

Testing Testing 1, 2, 3


Okay, so I've talked a bit about how fake reviews can be a factor. Just use your common sense, and don't purchase a gig of high value when attempting to use a seller you have never used before. Test the service out with one or two small purchases of $5 - $10 dollars. If you are satisfied with the work provided, then you know the seller is legit. You can up your order amount, slowly. Try to use either level 2, "Top rated sellers" or "Pro Verified" when just starting out to minimize the risk of getting a shoddy service.


Reviews are still king


The most important thing, or "tip" to look out for is still the reviews. Recently, Fiverr have made it more difficult to game the system, and if they are suspicious of a seller who they think might be scamming in this way, they will ban them.

Always take your time. Don't rush into buying from a new seller. Read all the reviews. The one and two star reviews, if any are present, are the most important. Sometimes the low star reviews can reveal the reality of the gig and what you might be buying. So pay close attention.

Don't Walk With Strangers


Also worth looking out for. Be careful of any seller who trys to lure you away from the Fiverr website. Sometimes, if you have used a seller a lot and know they offer an excellent service, this can be quite innocent. But if a seller who you have never used before, but have shown interest in their service tries to get you to do business elsewhere, or provide personal details off the Fiverr website, it may be a scam. Be very careful.

Samples Please


Ask to see samples of the work. If ordering text content, a Wordpress website, anything to do with Social Media, logo design, voice over (are they using a free text to speech tool that you could just use yourself for nothing) translating (are they just using Google Translate), link building, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), don't be scared to ask to see samples of the work being offered / promised. Most sellers will be happy to provide you with this information.

If they won't show you samples, why not. A seller offering these services should be proud of his / her work and should jump at the chance to show you their handy work in order to gain your custom.

Seller tactics to avoid bad feedback


There are a few ways in which sellers can wriggle out of not receiving bad feedback if they know you are not happy and might be leaving them a bad review. If they have not provided you with the level of quality promised, if you are able to, always leave them the feedback they deserve.



This can be a little unfair sometimes, though, because novice buyers, who know nothing about the service they are purchasing, but may have heard that building ten or twenty thousand low quality links all pointing back to their main website using software such as Xrumer is guaranteed to get them to the first page of Google (Trust me, do not do this!). 

When this doesn't happen, or, the buyer finds out that this type of software is not meant to be used to spam your best / main website, they end up leaving the seller bad feedback. But who is in the wrong here? It's certainly not the seller. It's the inexperienced buyer who didn't do enough research into what he was buying. So, do your research before buying a gig.

Don't expect the Earth For A Fiverr


Fiverr has become more expensive these days. In 2021 there are services on the Fiverr website that go into the thousands of Dollars / Pounds. Yes, if you spend a good chunk of money like that on a service, naturally you want your money's worth. And rightfully so. Even spending anything above $50 dollars they better provide you with the goods. But, if spending $5 or $10 Dollars, be realistic with your expectations.

Cheap Wordpress Web Hosting UK

Cheap Wordpress Web Hosting UK. I just wanted to post a quick plug about a webhost that I have been using for around 2 years now. Their site may not look like much, but their hosting has been solid. Very reliable. And I'm someone who has been with many of the big webhosts. Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy, Vidahost (Vidahost were pretty good until they merged with another company). But for the price, have been excellent. Pricing starts at just $10 dollars a year. And yes, Wordpress [softaculous] is included. That's what I use this hosting for, two of my Wordpress websites.




See the list of Webhosting1st's Basic / Business Plans


With many other the big hosts it costs $5 - $10 dollars per MONTH for basic plans, so this is a much better deal at a flat small cost for the entire year. One payment and the year is covered. No ongoing payents and no messing about.

The baby plan (webhosting1st1 GB) gets you 1GB of storage space, 20GB per month bandwidth and unlimited domains. So, as many as you can fit on there if that's what you want to do. Would be good for landing pages, and small websites that are just starting out / testing niches, mini / micro niche affiliate websites, anything really.

Personally, I use my $10 per year plan to host two fairly decent sized websites that get around 50 - 100 (on a good day) visitors a day, and the 1GB plan has been perfect for that.

They also have much better plans in terms of gigabytes and bandwidth. Basic and Business plans are available, from 1GB to 50GB storage and 1000GB bandwidth.

Even with some of the big hosts I regularly experienced a lot of downtime with my websites. I'd go and try to log into my website via Wordpress admin (.ORG) and it would be down. Site unavailable. This used to get me so annoyed. But with webhosting1st I can honestly say that every time I have tried to login I have never had a time where the site was unavailable.

Their servers are located in Europe I believe. Possibly Poland, although I'm not 100% sure. This has been great for me being in the UK. My sites have always been fast, and I've never experienced any downtime.

Maybe these smaller companies servers are not so overwhelmed / throttled. That and perhaps the smaller hosting companies care about their users more. I don't know. But webhosting1st has been surprisingly good, and I would recommend giving them a try.

Make Money With Fiverr On YouTube

One quick way to make money on YouTube with Fiverr. Seeing as you've found this post, I'm sure you have seen all the "I paid a Fiverr worker to" [fill in the blank] and this is what happened". Or, "I paid fiverr to edit my intro and this is what I got" videos on YouTube. They have become quite popular, and for good reason. With some videos getting views in the millions, they can make great money. Generally, the people making / uploading these videos are earning their money by referring / directing buyers to Fiverr.

If you don't know how this works here's a quick lowdown: The YouTube user making the I paid Fiverr to do [whatever] video signs up to become an Affiliate with Fiverr [You can do that here], they then place the referral link to Fiverr in their YouTube video description box. When someone clicks the link and buys a service, or gig as they are usually referred to, the maker of the video receives a commission. Some of them do really well. I've seen some of the screenshots of their earnings.

Become a Fiverr Affiliate [It's free]


Other people using this "method" of uploading "I paid fiverr to" videos don't actually promote Fiverr affiliate links in their description box. Instead, some just make their money by YouTube Advertisements. A good few of the big channels do both Ad revenue + Fiverr promotion. Many also post links to their own websites / blogs. Others just upload one of these types of videos to fit in with what is trending at the time. This a good opportunity for some people.

Just think, if you contact some of the uploaders of these videos and ask them if, for a fee, you could place your Fiverr affiliate link in their description box. What's the worst they can do? Say no. Ah well, just move on to the next channel. 2 - 3 out of every 10 channels will more than likely say yes. Especially if you make it worth their while. This could be a very good side income.


A Good Service

If you want to make your own "I paid fiverr to" video, it's not that hard. Just make sure to do a bit of research beforehand. Website, Illustration, Video editing and social media [Facebook, Instagram and Twitter] are popular [try to think outside the box]. And, if your objective is to get new users on to Fiverr to buy a service (promoting Fiverr as an affiliate), try to make your video about a service that you know is actually quite good, like the one offered in the video above. By the way, when this post was written the video above had close to 1.7 Million views.

What they provided Dale McManus [the guy in the video] with for $100 was pretty damn impressive considering. Users interested in starting their own website would certainly be impressed with what he showed he got in the video for the price he paid. As a result the click through rate for his affiliate link would be fairly high. 

High click through rate - Good product = more sales. For the guy who made the video [Create a Pro Website] it's even better, because his Fiverr video is laser targeted to the subject of his entire YouTube channel, which is website creation.


Choosing a bad product to promote on purpose?

Of course, this can also work in reverse too. A terrible product can still get a high click through rate because people might just be curious and want to have a look and a laugh. But the sales will be low for that product. However, that doesn't mean no money will be earned. Because as long as users click the affiliate link, if they end up buying anything at all within the timerange of the cookie [30 day duration], the affiliate will still make money from the sale.

There are quite a few ways to make money with Fiverr on YouTube, this is just one that has great potential right now. You could always promote your own Fiverr service on YouTube, and sign up as an affiliate. That way you make more money when someone clicks your link and either buys your service or even someone elses. You get a sale, and or a commission either way.


Further Fiverr reading: More about the affiliate program | Tips for Fiverr Buyers



How To Become A Fiverr Affiliate

How To Become A Fiverr Affiliate. The great thing about Fiverr, and many other products / services that are predominantly "digital", is that they are not exclusive to a certain demographic. They can be promoted world wide, and you always get the commission. A quick example of something that isn't like this is Amazon. 


How To Become A Fiverr Affiliate: Click here to join the Fiverr Affiliate Program and get started.

Yes, Amazon now have Geotargeted links so that sellers can join Amazon websites in other countries and earn more money, but if you don't do that and you just promote for, say, the UK, Canada and USA Amazon websites, you are missing out on potential commissions from the other countries, such as Europe if you get traffic / clicks from those areas of the world. Clickbank is a great example of world wide sales. While it can take a some time to find the really great products on Clickbank, they are one of the best when it comes to snagging digital sales from almost anywhere in the world. 

How To Become A Fiverr Affiliate

Just go here and sign up for free and start promoting

So easy to join. The Fiverr affiliate program is without doubt one of the easiest to join that I have ever come across (And I've joined a good majority of the big networks). I was surprised at just how little information they required. Very easy to join.
Overall, Fiverr has a very good affiliate program that offers an impressive and diverse array of commission rates and, like mentioned above, is very easy to join. Best of all, it's free to join, and they have a lot of promotional material to choose from, as well as quite a few different commision tiers / plans. I personally like the Hybrid plan, but the CPA plan is very good also.

How much does Fiverr affiliate program pay

The Hybrid plan offers a $10 flat first buy commission  and 10% Revenuse Share of whatever that person (who you referred) buys within the next 12 months. This is a very good rate if you know how to promote.

Fiver CPA offers a commission rate of between $15-150 CPA. This is dependant on what your referral ends up purchasing. But this is a one-time commission, no revenue share over the year like the Hybrid Plan. So choose wisely. 
Please Note: You can pick and choose what to promote, as this isn't "fixed". You can promote whatever plan you want when you want. Just choose your links (Hybrid, CPA etc) and you are all set to start promoting. How much you earn depends on you and how much work you are prepared to put in.

There are other commission structures and  promotional opportunities available (, Fiverr Learn, Fiverr Business etc), but those two talked about above (Hybrid and CPA) are the best, and recommended if you are just starting out. Due to how many people are looking for an extra income these days, working from home (and losing jobs), trying to make money online etc, I would recommend the Fiverr affiliate program highly. 
Get onboard today and take advantage of this digital era, where so many people now live their lives online. Digital Services are now more in demand than ever before. This is an excellent money making opportunity well worth putting some time into. If you have any questions just let me know in the comments section. Looking for information / tips on: How To Use Fiverr As A Buyer? You can find that post here.

Best UK Web Hosting With No Contract

I made this blog post to help people in UK find the best web hosting service. I know only too well how many review sites are out there for web hosting, and most of them just want you to sign up to whoever pays them the best commission for getting you to sign up. Well, I'm an end user and would not recommend a web hosting company if they were rubbish, or even so so. Having used them for many years I feel I've had a good taste of what they are about and can now give an honest yes or no as to whether I would recommend them to others. 

Well, my answer is 100% yes, I would recommend them. If you don't want to read a whole lot of text and just want to see what they have to offer go and check out their web hosting packages.

Update for 2021. Vidahost merged with another hosting company. As a result their hosting went downhill really fast. It is now terrible and I would not recommend them anymore. Don't waste your money. Go with Webhosting1st instead [mini review here]. They are very cheap and offer a great service for the price.



I've had websites for over a decade and within that time I have been with so many different web hosting companies. From hosting company's based outside the UK (Mostly USA), to thinking "I don't need to pay for hosting anymore, I'm sick of it" and going over to the websites that offer free hosting. What a disaster that was. Free hosting is alright if you host a mini site or two and don't depend on those sites to pay your bills and feed the family. 

If the free hosts servers have crashed and your sites are down for a few hours its no biggie. Ah well, it's free. But if you are making your money online and depend on your websites as part of your business in order to bring in your main source of income the free hosts are not stable enough.

With that said, even if you don't rely on your websites for your daily wages most people still want hosting that's reliable. I know I do. If you have a website that you have taken some pride in building and every time you go to check it out its unreachable your not going to be very happy with your provider. 

I have experienced this many times over the years with various company's and the one thing I always thought, when I was paying for hosting was - What the hell am I paying my money for. I won't mention no names but a lot of the UK based Hosting company's are a nightmare and I had nothing but problems with most of the ones I went with.

This was before I found a reliable company based in the UK that could host my websites. Now that I have found this company I no longer experience any problems at all. And its been that way for years. That company is Vidahost (Located in the UK). I have all my websites hosted with Vidahost (Other than my 30+ Blogspot blogs!), and all of them are running Wordpress. 

The good thing about Vidahost is that you can pay monthly (No contract). I had the option to either pay for the whole year in one go or just go on a month to month basis with no contract where I can cancel the hosting at anytime I want.

I don't even have a bank card on file. I can always add one if I want to, but I mostly just pay using Paypal. And if I do pay by debit card I just untick the "Save bank details" box. Vidahost are easy going and very versatile. I can honestly say that they are the best and most trouble-free hosting company that I have ever been with. Also, their servers are located in the UK (Berkshire and MK Buckinghamshire) which obviously has it's bonuses for people who have UK domains.

In the years that I have been with them only twice did I experience an unreachable website. Ask anyone who is well schooled in web hosting and they will tell you that is impressive. Both times the issue was sorted out within the hour. Any questions are answered swiftly and politely. Like the other day, one of my websites encountered an error, nothing to do with the hosting side of things. I think it was a plug-in or recent Wordpress update that had given me the dreaded error:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 593 bytes) in /home/blablabla/public_html/wp-includes/query.php on line 1896.

I found out that this error can be down to the PHP.ini size being too small and needing to be changed / increased from 256mb to 512mb. I contacted Vidahost and it was done within half an hour. Their support really is excellent. And even better, It's 24 hour support.

I like to stick with Wordpress for my websites because I'm familiar with the software and find it really easy to use. But Vidahost have an enormous selection of different platforms and software options on their Cpanel. Of course, it has Softaculous which installs the following software scripts and Apps:

Wordpress, Joomla, Abante Cart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Drupal, phpBB, SMF, Magneto, WHMCS, MyBB, Dolphin and CubeCart. This covers many areas like E-Commerce, Gaming, Polls and Surveys, ERP, Music, Database tools, RSS, Widgets, Frameworks, Wiki's, Blogs, Forums and Portals. Email accounts, Mailing Lists, Autoresponders and AWStats are very useful for me.

However, the Cpanel list of available scripts / software is extensive and there is certainly a lot there that I have never needed to use. Apache Handlers, Cron Jobs, PHP Pear, Pearl, CGI Center and MySQL databases are all ready to be executed if that's what your interested in.

I run a few online shops with Vidahost and have experienced nothing but plain sailing. So if you're looking for hosting for a large or small business website, or even to run some Amazon Affiliate stores like I do this is a really good company to partner with. 

If you're new to paying for hosting and managing websites and want to start small, Vidahost's starter package is excellent value for money, and I believe one of the cheapest per year at just £30 ex VAT for the whole year, or around £3 per month. For all the features that come included in this package and with the excellent support, it's a great deal. You even get SSL encryption, if you want to use it, as standard.

Like I said, I would not recommend a service if I wasn't 100% happy with it. But it's easy to recommend Vidahost without any hesitation because I have genuinely been very pleased with their hassle free service and I'm definitely not changing my hosting provider any time soon. Give them a try for 2018 and I bet you will be impressed. I give them five stars. A really good host to work with.

They also offer Virtual Servers, Magento VDS, Dedicated Servers and a special service which is customised to the clients needs. All packages / plans from Starter to Advanced and beyond are on the Cloud so no matter which one you choose it will be extremely reliable and versatile. There is a reseller option. The Reseller packages start at around £150. Vidahost gives the user the option to use either Linux or Windows. Or you can use them both together. Got a review on Vidahost that you want to share? Post a comment below.

Making Money: So Much Has Changed

It's been years since I even remembered I had this blog. But today I happened to stumble across it and I'm blown away. I'm super shocked to read some of the posts and methods of promotion that I was using all those years ago.. But I had a good excuse. I was a newbie! Making money online, wow, after all these years things have changed dramatically. The amount of information I have taken in over the years I haven't updated this blog has been huge.

Come to think of it, this was one of the first blogs / websites I ever started. I left it alone for years but obviously never deleted it. And in a way I'm glad I never. It stands as a reminder for how many years I've been learning and trying to make money online. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not super successful with Internet Marketing, but I am doing a lot better with it than I was when this blog was active. And I have much more knowledge on a wide range of subjects related to websites, traffic and promotion. So when time allows I may update this website more often and share some of the tips I have learnt.

But while I'm here I will share a few things of key importance for those just starting out. There are so many ways to make money online. Social media, membership sites, email marketing, churn and burn sites, authority sites, freelance online services (Fiverr etc), CPA, PPC, CPI, E-commerce, etc. The list is very long, and it can be confusing for people that a new to the game. But one thing you must remember is never put all your eggs in one basket, but always focus on one method at a time.

In terms of websites, which is the area where I chose to focus on, don't get tempted to buy cheap SEO / Link building services and point them straight to your money site. That's desperation and your site will be penalized eventually. Always either pay a good price to get good quality, unique content, or write it yourself.

Try to build high quality, relevant back links. And most important off all, make sure you do A LOT of keyword research before choosing your niche. Pick something too hard and you will have a difficult time trying to rank. If you're starting out with just one website ideally choose something you are interested in and have a lot of knowledge on.

If that subject happens to be in a niche which has high competition then you should look for the keywords that have low search volume and not much competition. These keywords will be easier to rank and get you a small number of targeted visitors that can still convert into sales / clicks etc. Make enough posts targeting the low volume keywords and it will build up nicely after a while. Sorry if there are any mistakes in this post. I wrote it quickly! Got any questions? Just let me know.