Tuesday, 27 October 2009

9 Quick Tips For New Affiliate Marketers

9 Quick Tips For New Affiliate Marketers

Here are 9 quick tips to help guide you along the road to becoming a successful affiliate marketer

1. Take Your Time: When your new to something it's best to start off slowly, this is very important with affiliate marketing. If your not careful you can quickly become bored, or out of pocket by trying to go too fast. It takes time to learn anything new, so remember that and give it time.

2. Spend Very Little Money: There are always products that promise you millions, truth is almost NONE work without a lot of hard work. New products come out weekly,  and as much as they promise you, always remember: Why would someone thats supposedly made millions of dollars want you to buy their product for $19.99 or whatever the price.Why are they sharing their big idea that has made them millions, why dont they just keep on making millions!?.I think you know why..Almost everything you will need when starting out is available for free on the internet. Spend as little money as possible.

3. Dont Start Too Many Projects At Once: This is a big mistake, starting too many projects at once will divide your time and energy in too many different directions. Too many projects will make you spread yourself to thin. Needless to say, you will get bogged down very quickly. All the projects or websites will suffer as a result. Try to start one project or website at a time, give it all your time, energy, and creativity. If it doesnt work after a few months or a year move on to the next project. Or if you know you could of done things better, spent more time on it, put more into it and make it happen.

4. Do What You Love To Write Or Talk About: If you dont choose something you love to do or talk about, a real passion of yours, your project or website will become a choir that you wont want to do. If you love what you do, you will have much more energy and enthusiasm about putting the time into your work. Choose what you love and it wont seem like your actually working because you love it.

5. Remember It Takes Time Dont Run Before You Can Walk: We all want quick results, but you need to look at affiliate marketing in the same way as you would look at learning to drive. When you had your first few lessons..How good were you? Probably terrible, i know i was. Now compare those first few lessons to how good you are at driving today, after years of driving. Maybe you have picked up a few bad habits, we all do. But your driving knowledge and experience is so much greater then it was when you had those first few lessons all that time ago. You've learnt so much it's unbeleivable. This is exactly the same with affiliate marketing.

6. Dont Expect Miracles Without Hard Work: No matter what anyone tells you, it is very rare for someone to find a huge stack of cash on the internet without doing any hard work, or spending a good deal of money. Even the guy that made the million dollar homepage had to spend quite a lot of money. Everything requires either a lot of work, a fair amount of money. Or a good bit of both. Don't expect miracles without doing much, and don't moan when not much happens if your not doing much to make it happen!

7. Try Something Different: If you never try it, you'll never know. Something different will either work or it wont. It's always good to sit down and think about doing something that hasn't been done already.

8. Read As Much As You Can: The chances are that the answer to any questions you may have are on the internet already. Places like forums hold a huge amount of useful information for affiliate marketers. The internet is also a graveyard for many affiliate marketers that failed. You can learn a lot from reading where they went wrong, and make sure you dont make the same mistakes. This also applies to any projects your thinking of doing. Somebody might have already tried it and come accross problems that your yet to encounter. Reading can learn you alot, and also save you much time and money.

9. Expect To Put Some Work In: The amount of new affiliates who give up and moan about not getting anywhere, and not making any money must be in the millions worldwide. But how many of them really put a lot of work in? Most new affiliates have become affiliates in the first place because of all the things they read about Mr X becoming rich overnight from affiliate marketing. So they become affiliates under the mindset that it's really easy and they'll be making millions of dollars before the week is out, without having to lift a finger. Nothing could be further from the truth. So always expect to put some hard work in. It takes a lot of work, or a lot of money. In most cases both, and dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Good Luck!




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